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Grain and grain products regulations

LEAF Services is an assignee of DAFF appointed in terms of Section 2(3) (a) of the Agricultural Product Standards Act, 119 of 1990 which states that “The Minister may, for the purpose of the application of the Act or certain provisions thereof, with regard to a particular product, designate any person, undertaking, body, institution, association or board having particular knowledge in respect of the product concern, as an assignee of that product”.

The appointment was gazetted as per Notice. 345 of 2016 published in Government Notice No. 40075 of the 17 June 2016.

As an assignee of DAFF, LEAF Services is responsible for the enforcement of Section(s):

3(1) (a) and (b), 3(1), 4(A)(1)(a), 7 and 8 of the APS Act.

The assignee is expected to do quality assurance for the following products:

Grains: Maize, Rice, Sorghum, Soya Beans, Sunflower Seeds, Groundnuts, Dry Beans, Canola, Barley, Wheat Bread, Durum Wheat, Soft Wheat, Other grains.

Grains Product: Maize Products, Wheat Products, Other Grain products

The assignee will charge a tariff for the service rendered. The fees are to be charged in terms of Section 3(1A) of the APS Act which states “Fees may be charged in respect of the powers exercised and duties performed by the assignee”.

View: Letter of assignee